How We Do It

Animal welfare above all else.

Humane treatment of our livestock is our first priority. Collaborating with a field of experts, we raise our cattle in conjunction with a custom animal welfare program that’s designed to minimize stress — and is audited by a third party. This process starts in barns specifically designed to provide cool comfort to our livestock during hot Georgia days. All shelters feature high roofs and open-wall designs, so the animals stay free to come and go as they please.

Treating our cattle right.

We want our customers to enjoy the flavor of our products and feel good about how we raise our cattle, too. That’s why humane handling of our animals is at the forefront of everything we do. It’s also integral to the superior results we produce. In fact, our studies show that cattle raised in low-stress environments produce more consistent, higher-quality beef.

We built our commitment to animal welfare into every step of the production process. For example, we were the first U.S. beef processor to install Arrowsight, which is a third-party Remote Video Auditing (RVA) system that verifies humane handling practices.

After arriving at the processing facility, cattle rest in pens overnight. This further reduces stress and helps to improve overall handling and produce higher-quality beef.

Our facilities are certified according to national Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) guidelines, which help producers meet or exceed the product quality that today’s consumers expect.

Plus, all employees undergo training on humane handling procedures, including a test during their initial orientation. Refresher training is held annually for all employees handling live animals.