Locally Grown

At Châtel Farms, we grow 50% of our corn silage; everything else, like hay, corn stalks, peanut hulls, wheat straw for bed packs and supplemental feed is sourced from local farms.

In addition to supporting local farms, we’re all about facilitating hands-on learning for local educational institutions. That’s why work with UGA students (University of Georgia) who come to our farm to conduct trials on methane emissions in cattle and perform research on our cattle with special attention given to feed efficiency, marbling and intermuscular fat scores. We also accept interns from ABAC (Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College), a public college that’s part of the University System of Georgia with a focus on agricultural education. Plus, we work with local FFA groups to give tours of our farms and educate their students on agricultural best practices to better help prepare them for a future in farming.

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