Superior Genetics

Superior Beef Rooted in Genetics

Our operations combine cutting-edge innovation with storied traditions that date back decades. The foundation of our Châtel Farms Angus herd originated from Ankony Angus, which was founded in 1935. Since our inception, we have worked continuously to improve our genetic herd of Angus and Akaushi.

Throughout our history, we have integrated technology into our farms to help refine our operations. Currently, to collect data on our farm’s bulls, we have installed two Vytelle SENSETM Platforms[ND1] , which is our proprietary, individual animal data-capture system. This technology records feed intake and in-pen weight gain measurements to help identify elite-performing animals that express economically and environmentally valuable traits.

This platform also monitors:

  • Behavior
  • Growth
  • Individual animal feed intake
  • Weight

Plus, the technology helps with feed efficiency of progeny from mating options — all while identifying genetics attributed to top performance.

Each animal is outfitted with an electronic identification ear tag. On the Vytelle SENSE Platform, this tag measures food intake every time a bull dips its head into the feed trough. This data enables genetic selection for feed efficiency to optimize our breeding decisions.

Once our top-performing bulls are identified, we use an all-natural in vitro fertilization (IVF) technique to quickly accelerate our herd’s genetic progress.