Who We Are

Our promise.

We promise to consistently provide 100% farm-raised natural* beef to meet the volume of our customers throughout the year. And we support this promise to you in every step of our integrated process. All our cattle are fed a healthy diet of custom-blended local grain. Our cattle are also completely DNA traceable. Plus, their health records are kept up to date via Electronic Identification Tags. At every turn, we put the welfare of our animals above all else while providing 100% transparency into all of our farm’s practices.

From farm to table.

Our self-designed practices embody our values and make us a one-of-a-kind operation in the world of beef. This unique approach is centered around how we treat our cattle. We feed them our own custom blend of local grain — most of which is grown on our own fields — while raising them on Georgia green pastures. To alleviate stress on our livestock, we have reduced transportation to our harvest plant, which helps us maintain a lower carbon footprint. Finally, we minimally process our cattle. The result is a difference you can taste in each product in our lineup of superior beef products. Throughout our process, we maintain 100% transparency.

A breakdown of our local farming operation:

  • 1,200 acres — 300 acres for irrigated crops and 900 acres for animals
  • access to green Georgia grasses